Choosing your warehouse location strategically will affect your accessibility to your customers. If your supply chain partners are connected well through highways and adequate local traffic infrastructure, you will be more efficient than if you had long distances to accommodate. Trucks that need to deliver large pallets or containers of products need easy access to your warehouse to reduce costs, energy, and time. The speed and volume of traffic can significantly increase or reduce your efficiency especially during delivery peak times.


Location is important, but you should also consider the cost. The rent of the warehouse property and the lease conditions could be a deal breaker for you, even if the location is convenient. Additionally, you will need to consider how much space you are able to use and whether the warehouse has enough staff to handle your operations during peak seasons. When looking for the right warehouse, do not forget to consider the costs and availabilities of utilities and telecommunication services. logistics fulfillment in Shimoga, that has all the accommodations you need will help you grow, but also ensure you are not going over your budget.

When choosing your warehouse site, do not forget to consider expansion. With a prime location, your business may begin to grow sooner than you expect. Take into account where you could be in five or ten years, and whether you should sign a contract for a short term or long term. Thinking ahead could save you a lot of trouble down the road.

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