New Delhi:Enterprises across Asia-Pacific region are expected to increase the number of Warehouse with new technologies to come up by 2020 and adopt newer technologies in the next five years as global online sales continue to grow, according to a study from KMS Industry. Warehouse executives who took part in the survey said they plan on equipping staff with new technologies to meet the needs of increasing shipment volumes.

Warehouse with new technologies to come up by 2020

According to the study, 74 percent of respondents have plans to upgrade their warehouse staff with technology, specifically to raise investment in Internet of Things (72 percent), barcode scanning technologies (70 percent), tablet computers (69 percent), big data/data analytics (67 percent), and warehouse/truck loading automation (64 percent) in the next five years.

Half of the respondents in the report said warehouse investments are mainly driven by the need to reduce transportation costs while 41 percent demanded shorter delivery times and 38 percent see the need to accommodate new supplier and trading partner locations.

Executives surveyed also expect to see growth in percentage of inbound items that will have barcode in the next five years, from 59 percent to 78 percent.
In inventory management, 86 percent respondents said they will use mobile handheld computers and tablets with real-time access to warehouse management system while 79 percent of them plan to use RFID-equipped solutions. Only 24 percent of those polled expect to continue using pen and paper in 2020.The report has compared input from over 1,000 IT and operations warehouse professionals from retail, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and wholesale distribution sectors.


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