KMS company has continuously evolved into Shivamogga leading manufacturer of warehouse building, conventionally started with the business and now diversified into one stop solution provider for all roofing components or requirements. The company has been at the forefront of the industry in Shimoga. Some of the consideration that effect which roofing solution is best for a warehouse include the size of the building’s footprint, the slope of the roof, what the warehouse will be storing, and how energy efficient the building needs to be. Beyond these we also extended our supreme range of solutions for insulated roofing and cladding products for cold chain solution, clean rooms and prefab shelters

Most warehouses share a number of standard features like large building footprints and low slope roofs. Roofing is often ideal for warehouses because it is a long-lasting solution that can accommodate these features. For instance, because of the larger footprint of most warehouses, a wider panel system can help to lower installation costs.

The low slope of most warehouse roofs, on the other hand, causes the roof to shed water more slowly, which means larger water depths on the panel before it manages to drain to a gutter. A standing seam and tall depth metal roofing system can help to accommodate the more considerable water depths.

Warehouses also tend to have long panel runs, so panel systems that can accommodate thermal expansion are advantageous. Another consideration is what the warehouse will be used to store. If building owners chose a roof color with a high solar reflectance index value, like white, the roof would get less hot.

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