Goodlight, the award-winning UK LED lighting brand, has completed an installation of its GX1 LED High Bays into European Glass Group’s production facility in Stockport, Greater Manchester, delivering incredible energy savings of 70%.

European Glass are pioneers in very good quality glass preparing, producing best in class glass arrangements worldwide inside their four manufacturing plants situated in Stockport, Swindon and two in London. In the course of recent years, they have gained notoriety for the quality and quick turnaround of their items.

The creation office was initially lit by wasteful sodium high narrows that were inclined to disappointment and must be supplanted regularly. European Glass were searching for a more splendid, progressively effective option in contrast to their current lighting that would dispense with upkeep costs by and large.

Mick Johal, Managing Director of European Glass, remarks, “We were disappointed with our current sodium high inlet lighting as the life expectancies were short, making them come up short and glimmer, bringing about superfluous support costs.”

Mick Johal picked Goodlight after a few client suggestions. He was especially dazzled with the administration got from Goodlight who gave a start to finish lighting administration, from reviews, budgetary displaying, plan and establishment.

“We make glass seven days every week and work extended periods of time to satisfy bosses all around the world. The establishment of the Goodlight GX1 LED High Bays was masterminded outside working hours so our industrial facility could even now work. As an entrepreneur, this is a crucial part of any significant update and I am dazzled that Goodlight had the option to work with us rapidly, effectively and expertly.”

The substitution LED High Bays for the manufacturing plant incorporated the GX1 120W and GX1 Plus 150W models. Planned and worked in light of execution and dependability, the GX1 LED High Bay (120W and 150W) highlights a licensed ‘stage change’ fluid center. This one of a kind cooling framework handles heat easily by drawing the warmth away from the LED, keeping up more lumens out of the super-splendid LED chips, for more, guaranteeing 100x progressively proficient warmth move.

The glass preparing is directed inside the world’s biggest, toughening heater, accordingly cautious thought must be taken with respect to temperature control. A pilot of a few LED High Bays from over the lighting business was trialed, bringing about the GX1 driving in execution and class, making sure about the particular for the processing plant.

The 120W GX1 accompanies a reflector and conveys 125Lm/W adequacy. The 150W model is reflectorless and conveys 135Lm/W adequacy. Both LED High Bays are appraised IP65 – reasonable for both inward and outside use and perfect for lighting up huge spaces, for example, distribution centers, plants and creation destinations. Both GX1 LED High Bay models have a replaceable driver and discretionary attachment and-play LED chip, giving clients overhaul alternatives at end of life, guaranteeing item sturdiness.

Mick Johal remarks, “Since introducing the new GX1 LED High Bays, our work group are profiting by more splendid perceivability, solid light execution, expanded execution, in addition to staff ailment has additionally been diminished. We are enchanted to report that we are sparing 70% in vitality thus far, have killed upkeep costs through and through. This is a central point in European’s further venture of recently created Glass Heating apparatus.”

Following the pilot establishment at Stockport, European Glass Group are working with Goodlight to update the lighting inside their other three industrial facility locales to LED lighting.

Saima Shafi, Sales and Marketing Director at Goodlight stated, “We are excited that European Glass have revealed 70% in vitality reserve funds since introducing Goodlight GX1 LED High Bays. As one of the longest standing, devoted UK LED lighting makers since 2006, our industry-driving specialized range is quality designed and worked to act in the most testing situations, similar to profound underground on the cylinder, or even underway territories producing high warmth like at European Glass. We have involvement with conveying ventures without business interference, which is fundamental in every minute of every day operational locales. European Glass are a brilliant illustration of how LED lighting for creation industrial facilities can be viably and productively improved, while receiving the benefits of vitality and upkeep reserve funds.”

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