For your facility to run efficiently and effectively, you will need a staff of sufficiently skilled workers with experience in your market. If your warehouse location in an area where there is a high availability of skilled workers in your field, you will be able to reduce training costs and ensure your operations run productively from the start. You can expect to pay higher salaries and increase your operating costs if your warehouse isn’t in the right area for your business.


The closer to the action, the more you can reduce costs and your carbon footprint. Customers today are more knowledgeable about the impact companies have on the environment. They are more conscious about recycling, reusing, and preserving resources. By reducing the distance your transportation vehicles travel to get customers orders to them, you will not only save money and time, but will participate in a healthier, greener supply chain.

Infrastructure and Layout

The location of your warehouse is important, but you should also consider the site itself. The site and building need to meet the specific size, infrastructure, and capacity requirements of your organization. When choosing your warehouse, think about the volume of products that will pass through your warehouse each week, month, and year, and make room for any seasonal changes. The flow of your warehouse is essential, so finding a warehouse that comes with existing storage infrastructure could serve as a huge advantage to you.

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