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Making Spaces – Project Spotlight Automotive in Shimoga

One of the fundamental stockpiling arrangements we’ve given CIE are in-plant (or particular) workplaces. They required a brisk and simple approach to isolate spaces – however one that was brief. With a plant of their size, requests are continually changing and things regularly should be moved around. When hearing their needs, knew the ideal arrangement.Project Spotlight Automotive in Shimoga, Rather than drywall rooms, in-plant workplaces are flexible and can move and adjust to evolving needs. They likewise make less wreckage and can be introduced in 3-5 days. Furthermore, in light of the fact that they can be introduced in pieces, this course is less troublesome to an office’s work process.

Here are a couple of the distinctive secluded workplaces we developed, all of which have cooling implicit, just as electrical outlets.


Since they are continually extending, CIE grew out of their current lunchroom. Including a secluded office not just gave a perfect and safe territory for their colleagues, yet permitted the choice to repurpose it in an alternate area later on if necessary.


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