KMS industrial and warehousing company in Shimoga, offer many uses for companies in just about every industry. One of the most common ways they are used is for warehousing. That’s because the material we use protects equipment, electronics, and other materials from exposure to the elements.

Another reason why our warehouse structures are utilized across the country for warehouse is that they cost is far less to build than a permanent building and take only a fraction of the time to erect, usually taking only a few hours. And due to their mobile design, they can be moved with a crane if needed. When you turn to KMS, we can design a structure that will come with accessories to meet your specific needs, which can include an ventilation system, insulation, lightning protection, flooring, doors, and more. Match your desired side wall height to accommodate racking for storage

Furthermore, the warehouse in our structures is translucent and will flood your warehousing space with natural sunlight, eliminating the need for artificial lighting and minimizing your energy usage. If your organization needs a convenient solution for a warehousing space, don’t overspend on constructing a permanent building. Instead, contact KMS warehouse Structures today and we’ll customize a cost-effective shelter to your exact specifications.



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