Shimoga (Shivamogga) At Glance

Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial Profile is rich in natural resources and known for its salubrious climate. It has a strong resource base of highly educated people, backed by an extensive educational infrastructure comprising world-renowned schools, colleges, institutes of higher learning, research and development centres, highly skilled labour force, disciplined and hardworking. And, above all, it has a farsighted, development-oriented, investor-friendly government that firmly believes in, and actively encourages, public – private partnerships. Today, Karnataka, Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial .Dist is driving domestic growth and creating wealth through a potent mix of resource-based, skill-based, technology-based and knowledge-based products and services

Karnataka is one of the most progressive and industrialized states in the country and is leading States in driving India’s economic growth. Economic growth and fast development of any state depends on Industrial  relations. Shimoga (Shivamogga) as a knowledge hub and a rapid growing economy is credited to its peaceful industrial relations. Kms Industrial Hub


Seasons – Climate Semi-Tropical

Area 1,91,791 sq. Km (Eighth Largest State in India) | Length 760 Km. (North-South)
Breath 420 Km. (East-West) | Population 611.00 lakhs
Summer March to May ( 18oC to 40oC )
Winter October to December ( 14oC to 32oC )
South-West Monsoon June to August
North-East Monsoon October to December

Rainfall 500 mm to over 4000 mm. Agumbe in the Sahyadris receives the Second Heaviest Annual Rainfall (7600mm) in India.

Physio-Graphy Karavali, the Coastal Plain Sahyadris, the Western Ghats, Malnad,the Transitional Belt, the Southern Plateau, the Northern Plateau, and the Eastern Ghats.

Greens Tropical Evergreen, Tropical Semi-evergreen, Dry Deciduous (Malnad) Deciduous (Plateau), Shrub

Major Crops

Ragi, Jowar, Rice, Sugarcane, Coconut,Groundnuts, Coffee and Cotton.

Major Minerals

Iron ore, Manganese, Maganesite, Gold Roads Total length of Roads- 1,22,489 kms

National Highways 2,357 kms | State Highways 28,311 kms | Major District roads 2,090 kms


Products Coffee, Silk, Sandalwood, Agarbathis, Carvings, Toys, Handicrafts


Industries Electronics, Computer, Garments, Aeronautics,Machine Tools, Electrical Engineering, Aluminiun, Steel

Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial Hub is leading Agro hub of the country. Bengaluru as the 2nd largest technology cluster in the world after Silicon Valley.

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