KMS Industrial and Warehousing company has some of the most modern & secure warehouse roofing system in Shimoga. We offer both ambient and temperature controlled space with a full staff of distribution professionals operating them. We utilize best practices for operation. Our warehouse management system offers easily accessed real time 24/7 visibility to our customers concerning all inventory, transactions and documentation including historical information.

A warehouse is a storage building usually characterized as a single storey steel structure with or without mezzanine floors. The designing of warehouse includes designing of the structural elements including principal rafter and roof truss. Structurally metal roofing for a warehouse can be classified as structural and non structural or architectural. Whereas structural metal roofing is directly attached to purlins and eliminates the need of any solid support beneath, non structural metal roofing requires some solid support beneath in the form of plywood, a metal roof deck etc. Non structural systems would include tiles, corrugated metal roofing as well as panels. Metal roofs are available in sheets and sections. Sheets which come in standard sizes can be cut whereas sections are usually custom built. Custom made panels made of high quality metal roofing are fastened with screws and rubber washers and can simulate looks of slate, tiles etc. The most commonly used metal roofing materials for warehouses include steel, aluminum. Metal alloys in different colours, styles and textures are also available. Wig mentions that longer purlin spans, lower slopes and choice of colours determine the material for roofing system.

At our KMS industrial and warehousing parks company in Shimoga, we deliver on-time and on-budget. To our distribution center clients, that’s logistics done right. To us, it’s just building smart. Contact our distribution center construction expert, MD.Farish Rahman at for more information. To learn more about our company click here .


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