Plans for exclusive area

Though most of the space in the warehouse is dedicated to inventory storage, you need specialized areas, too. Office space within a warehouse puts your managers close to the workers. An intake area near the docking bay gives space for new products to wait until workers can stock them. It’s also a place for products to await outgoing shipment.

Your warehouse have interior dock space to keep products protected from harsh temperatures. An interior dock also protects workers from the cold. You should also keep a storage area in the warehouse for supplies the workers often use, such as cleaning materials and boxes.

Revaluate the wall

The type of walls you have installed at your warehouse will make a difference. Tilt-walls are cheaper to install, and their concrete design is long-lasting. On the other hand, curtains designed for industrial use give you partitions that allow you to avoid installing new walls. These curtains are the perfect choice if you need to make regular changes to your warehouse layout.

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