Strength and Durability with Every Structural Integrity

LYSAGHT® Purlins and Girts are light-weight structural steel members, designed in accordance with the As/Nzs 4600: 1996 Cold Formed Steel Structures, utilising high Strength Zinc-coated Steel. LYSAGHT® ZED-plus™ Sections may be used over single spans or un-lapped and lapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Lapped continuous spans result in considerable capacity increase in the system. LYSAGHT® CEE-plus™ Sections may be used in single spans, and un-lapped continuous spans in multi-bay building, and are ideal as eave purlins or where compact sections are required for detailing.

ZEE – Plus™ (45°)

ZEE – Plus™ (90°)

CEE Plus™

Ground Mounted Solutions

C Section

Top Hat Section