The genesis of on-demand warehousing was to resolve the issue of the ever-growing need for warehouse space. In the past, businesses that required extra space would need to find a warehouse to lease, or pay warehouse for its space. Now, on-demand warehousing resolves the issue of being tied to a lease. Companies generally need more warehouse space because of the seasonal changes of their inventory demands, product promotions, bulk buying, same or next day shipping demands, new products, end of year challenges, product recalls, and more

On-demand warehousing fulfills short-term needs and is flexible. This flexibility allows your business to save money, scale fulfilment services to accommodate growth, and eliminate the need to have your own warehouse or fulfillment system. The convenience of on-demand warehousing benefits the external business with space, and it benefits the original company too. The company providing the space has the benefit of receiving their space back for use during peak seasons when they need it.

E-commerce fulfillment companies provide incredible opportunities for businesses to improve their customer experience and loyalty and run a more flexible and efficient supply chain. Although there are challenges with the on-demand system, some companies have resolved those issues by hiring enough staff and implementing prioritization measures to ensure the most important aspects are handled first. A provider will ensure your products are organized, managed, stocked, and distributed on time, and will give you the space you need, when you need it.

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