The warehousing and fulfillment industry has never been more popular. Thanks to the exponential growth of e-commerce sales, there is more interest and opportunity in fulfillment services than ever before. But the growth of e-commerce fulfillment is more than an increasing interest.

What Is On-Demand Warehousing and Fulfillment?

On-demand warehousing is an online marketplace of warehousing services where users can access the network and use space on an “as needed” basis. Providers of warehouse space can offer extra space to other companies as it becomes available. In theory, it connects anyone with additional warehouse space, no matter what kind of warehousing system them have in place, to someone who needs it for a time. A company can gain access of excess warehouse space to be used for short or long term projects, which helps them save money and have greater flexibility and convenience. On-demand platforms allow companies to list their available space and lend it to those who need it temporarily. Each transaction is run through the platform, from listing and gaining access to warehouse space, to managing inventory and shipping orders. The platforms also bill the customer for services rendered and the customer can then pay the warehouse operator.

Companies that use on-demand warehousing are focused on more than the exchange of temporary or additional warehouse space. They also attempt to exchange more complex services. The platform allows companies with extra space to earn money by storing inventory, picking and packing and shipping orders for their business customers.

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