In line with our entire product line, our metal roofing and wall cladding ranges are vast and impressive. Since we use only the best grade of base material, we are able to churn out batch after batch of practically flawless, beautifully polished, smooth and glossy roofing. Dimensional accuracy is always adhered to in metal roofing as well as cladding roofing. Our technologically advanced wall cladding solutions are available in many styles, and finishes, suitable across residential, industrial or commercial applications.

As the popularity of pre-engineered buildings and structures is rising, the demand for high quality auxiliary and support structures is also increasing. A good example of this is the variety of strong, sturdy metal roofing sheets and cladding solutions that are now available in the market. Metal roofing is now extensively used due to its relatively low cost in comparison to the durability it affords. Many types of metal can be used to manufacture such roofing. Corrugated galvanized iron, copper, flat-seam or standing-seam metal, or steel coated roofing that uses an alloy of zinc and aluminum, are just some of the variants. Corrugated galvanized iron, i.e galvanized steel roofing, which is widely used in commercial and industrial applications like industrial sheds, warehouses and hangars, is favored because its wavy corrugation provides great resistance to damage through flexing. This type of roofing has been use for many decades now, but is now being replaced with coated steel, which makes use of the many advantageous properties of zinc and aluminum. It is lighter in weight than the former, but has all its benefits as well as strength. Copper is also extremely easy to fabricate, and needs very little maintenance, besides offering the option of being recycled.

Metal cladding, used for exterior fittings on wall panels or sidings, is again, now available in the market in a broad spectrum of colors, variants and types of metals. It is favored in residential as well as industrial & commercial metal buildings. Besides the use of galvanized steel, aluminum cladding solutions are also very versatile, and especially useful for their durability. Aluminum cladding is uniquely advantageous over steel in areas that have moist weather conditions, because aluminum oxide, which is formed upon its contact with air, helps form an extremely hard coating that protects the surface from damage caused by natural elements.



Material Available

55% Al-Zn coated sheet with anti fingerprint coating (e.g. Galvalume, Zincalume, Aluzinc etc.)
Pre-painted 55% Al-Zn and galvanized sheet, factory painted with polyester, silicon modified polyester (SMP) or fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint systems.

Base Steel

Our alloy coating base steel offers extremely high corrosion resistance because it is 55% Al-Zinc coated steel (Galvalume, Zincalurme, Aluzinc etc.). It combines the properties of aluminium, zinc and silicon to help provide better atmospheric protection. The coating class is AZ-150 as per AS: 1397 and ASTMA 792 which means 150 gms/sqm minimum coating mass total of bath sides.

Yeild Strength

550 MPa grade steel substrates are used for our profiles. Klippon is made from 275-340 Mpa grade steel substrates.

Galvanised Steel

We are also accomplished at producing galvanized sheet steel profiles. These comprise of hot dipped Zinc coated over mild steel in a coating mass range of 120-275 gms/sqm as per IS 277 and in tensile strength of 240 Mpa.

Paint Finish

We undertake the production of pre-painted steel with the help of modern, high-speed coil painting lines. The process includes the preparation of the steel surface prior to painting, paint application “&” paint curing on a highly automated line under optimum conditions. Two layers of paint are applied and oven cured in one pass along with a backer coat on the reverse side. One of them is a special corrosion inhibitive primer and the other is a coloured top coat.


AS. 1397, IS: 513, IS: 277, ASTMA792

Crimp Curve

At Sutrah, we also offer options in concave & convex shaped profiles to enhance building appearance and aesthetics.


Klippon is a kind of stiffened trapezoidal profile with wide spanning capability. Lauded for its bold and broad, flat outline, it results in a rather remarkable appearance. It is considered the best possible roofing application for very long roofs down to 20 pitch.