KMS company has continuously evolved into Shivamogga leading manufacturer of warehouse building, conventionally started with the business and now diversified into one stop solution provider for all roofing components or requirements. The company has been at the forefront of the industry in Shimoga. By offering the most extensive range of metal roofing products, Steel decking sheet, sandwich puf panel, Rockwool panels and fire exit doors. Beyond these we also extended our supreme range of solutions for insulated roofing and cladding products for cold chain solution, clean rooms and prefab shelters.

Warehouse construction can be some of the most demanding project a construction company can face. We know this well, and we have delivered hundreds of them for companies whose operations depends on successful and timely delivery. Fire codes, location, square-footage costs and site access. These are all issues that if overlooked, can challenge even the most seasoned project manager, especially on a distribution center job-site.

Fortunately, at The KMS Company, we have been building distribution centers long enough to know what to look for long before it ever becomes a problem. That’s why we make absolutely certain that every critical detail is checked and checked again. We are big on open communication and promises kept. That means making estimates and ,sticking to them come what may.

KMS company with manufacture is in high performance of the warehouse building solutions. Improving building performance, construction methods ring facilities and storage location to cater the customers.

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