Are you looking for a Kms storage facility for perishable goods

Do you have food that requires cold storage? If so, then you are probably carrying out a search for a cold storage facility.

If you supply chilled or frozen foods, pharmaceuticals or other products then your first requirement will be warehousing those goods to maintain the temperature the goods require to be stored at.

Unfortunately there are fewer cold storage facilities in the Indiaas previously due to many closing down over the past few years. The costs involved in running a cold storage facility are high, causing the closure of some facilities in the India.

So what are cold storage facilities?

Cold storage facilities offer various methods of storing your perishable commercial goods such as Frozen storage and Chilled storage.

Cold Storage UKSome warehouses cater for Frozen, chilled and ambient storage all under one roof to ensure they can assist clients with many different types of commercial goods.  However, the majority of facilities will only offer cold storage and you may need to locate ambient storage premises close by via another 3PL provider.

Warehousing facilities which are temperature controlled monitor the temperature of their chambers regularly and many will offer additional valued added services such as order fulfilment, pick and pack and distribution.

Chilled Storage facilities will usually range from 0 to 5°C.

Frozen Storage facilities will usually range from -1 to -50°C although there are some which offer even colder storage.

Most cold store warehouse providers can also assist with the distribution of your products with either their own fleet of chilled vehicles or an associates.

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Kmswarehouse has a number of warehouse companies that can assist with chilled/cold storage throughout the India.  Contact us today on +91 9738485827 to check for our current available facilities.


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