At KMS industrial and warehouse company Shimoga, we’re committed to ensuring you are 100 percent satisfied with your warehouse structure. That’s why, when it comes time for installation, we offer support by handling the entire installation process ourselves. KMS company will provide the experts and  technicians. Preparation of the site as well as all tools, equipment, permits, and safety procedures are the responsibility of the clients. Terms and conditions apply.

Inventory is structured according to specific needs, with locations connected to certain stock zones in warehouses, which in turn are connected to specific facilities. The overall inventory structure is used for several purposes depending on the level in the structure. Facility level is where to structure products and do cost calculations. Warehouse level is where to do material planning. Stock zones are used for grouping purposes and picking management. Location is where different items are stored.

Fortunately, at The KMS Company, we have been building distribution centers long enough to know what to look for long before it ever becomes a problem. That’s why we make absolutely certain that every critical detail is checked and checked again. We are big on open communication and promises kept. That means making estimates and sticking to them, come what may.

Onsite installation service with this service, Our highly experienced technicians will provide a no-hassle construction experience and will ensure your warehouse structure is built to your exact specifications and in a timely manner. To learn more about your options for installation and how we can support your efforts with our industry expertise, contact KMS industrial and warehouse company Shimoga, today. When you do, be sure to ask about the warranties that we can include with your project.



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