Shivamogga – Smart Citie in Green Zone

Shivamogga – Smart Citie in Green Zone

Coronavirus lockdown: Govt may start economic activity in ‘green zones’

Welcome to KMS Industrial and Warehousing Hub

We are a one stop warehouse identification and leasing solution that is more expeditious, reliable, flexible and optimal. We believe leasing a warehouse is a critical business decision and every organization will relish to evaluate multiple options afore finalizing so each of our warehouse is physically verified  parameters prior onboarding.Celebrating of an opportune location for your warehouse, with optimal cost and best indispensable parameters? Then KMS Industrial and Warehousing Hub is the platform for you.

Warehousing Solutions in Shimoga

To stay competitive in today’s tough market, the location of your warehouse is vital. This factor could mean the difference between the success or failure of your company. Wondering what to consider when choosing the location of your warehouse fulfillment in Shimoga, Karnataka? Here’s what you need to know.


It is always wiser to choose a location that is safer, away from potential environmental hazards. If your warehouse site generates a lot of noise, locating it further away from residential areas or finding out how your neighbors will prevent complaints against you. Additionally, if you are dealing with any hazardous materials at your warehouse, you will need to avoid bodies of water and contact local environmental agencies to make sure you are abiding by the restrictions of your location. Taking your environment into consideration will only serve you well in terms of your relationship with the public and your customers.

Choosing the right location can make all the difference when it comes to offering the best service and accessing to the right infrastructure, while improving your accessibility and lowering your overall cost. Finding the right warehousing fulfillment company to work with can make growth more possible than if you were to handle your warehousing operations on your own.

At our KMS industrial and warehousing parks company in Shimoga, we deliver on-time and on-budget. To our distribution center clients, that’s logistics done right. To us, it’s just building smart. Contact our distribution center construction expert, MD. Farish Rahman at for more information. To learn more about our company click here .


Now self storage facility in Shivamogga

Now self storage facility in Shivamogga is available at “Economical price”

KMS Warehouse is Shivamogga predicated storage space provider with state of the art security facilities, Catering exclusive storage solutions ranging from Household items storage to Records storage management.

Household Items, Goods Storage Hyderabad & Home Storage in Shimoga (Shivamogga ). We are a one stop destination for all your storage needs. If you are peregrinating, renovating your house, running out of space or probing for storage space on rental for your households and automobiles, Safe Storage is the right place with wide range of storage solutions. Our storage facilities include Personal storage, Household goods storage, Automobile storage, Business storage, file storage and Doc Storage Facility and space to store your car or vintage conveyance.

Storage facility in Shivamogga
Storage facility in Shivamogga

If you are probing for a warehouse facility for rent in Shivamogga, Bangalore or Short-term storage / ad interim storage or long-term storage from as minute as one month to ten years, Safe Storage provides best and affordable storage facilities that are designed to offer economical and facilely accessible storage space.


Storage Accommodations, Facilities & Solutions in Shivamogga & Bangalore. KMS storage in Shivamogga is a commonly asked facility because here, people need to shift their residential locations along with their jobs. Ergo, KMS Storage ascertains that the domestic items stored in their Household Items Storage Shivamogga unit are safe and remain as it is till the owner comes down to accumulate them.


Better Industrial Space. Better Revenue

Looking to move your business to a vibrant community that happens to be near every major transit hub in midtown? Here’s how to find a Industrial space. If you are a potential tenant with specific requirements for your new space, please Contact us





Kms Logistics Park, Shimoga specializes in commercial warehousing for rent, corporate leasing and investment advisory. With a proven track record since last 10years, the company has been promoters and developers of commercial warehousing spaces and have been providing reliable, flexible and cost effective services to many multinational companies, corporates and industries in Shimoga, Karnataka.

In our attempt to ‘Make in India’, we strive to provide ideal godown space for rent, warehouses or spaces to our esteemed clients with safer environment and world class technologies that enable productivity and reduce cost.

Eyeing future smart warehouses, we build our warehouses in a way to efficiently manage fluctuations in customer demands resulting in improved accuracy, speed and productivity. We adhere to basic principles of lean warehouses by providing cost to quality service.

With over 5.5 lakh Sq feet of world class international standard Modern Industrial & Warehousing Space in Southwest  and 68.7 lakh Sq feet in India, KMS is one of the leading and most preferred Ideal for Warehousing & Logistics, Industrial Manufacturing, Ecommerce, Consumer Durables, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles & auto Ancillaries, Textiles, Furniture Companies, etc.

Better Industrial Space. Better Revenue

Looking to move your business to a vibrant community that happens to be near every major transit hub in midtown? Here’s how to find a Industrial space. If you are a potential tenant with specific requirements for your new space, please Contact us

Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial Profile

Shimoga (Shivamogga) At Glance

Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial Profile is rich in natural resources and known for its salubrious climate. It has a strong resource base of highly educated people, backed by an extensive educational infrastructure comprising world-renowned schools, colleges, institutes of higher learning, research and development centres, highly skilled labour force, disciplined and hardworking. And, above all, it has a farsighted, development-oriented, investor-friendly government that firmly believes in, and actively encourages, public – private partnerships. Today, Karnataka, Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial .Dist is driving domestic growth and creating wealth through a potent mix of resource-based, skill-based, technology-based and knowledge-based products and services

Karnataka is one of the most progressive and industrialized states in the country and is leading States in driving India’s economic growth. Economic growth and fast development of any state depends on Industrial  relations. Shimoga (Shivamogga) as a knowledge hub and a rapid growing economy is credited to its peaceful industrial relations. Kms Industrial Hub


Seasons – Climate Semi-Tropical

Area 1,91,791 sq. Km (Eighth Largest State in India) | Length 760 Km. (North-South)
Breath 420 Km. (East-West) | Population 611.00 lakhs
Summer March to May ( 18oC to 40oC )
Winter October to December ( 14oC to 32oC )
South-West Monsoon June to August
North-East Monsoon October to December

Rainfall 500 mm to over 4000 mm. Agumbe in the Sahyadris receives the Second Heaviest Annual Rainfall (7600mm) in India.

Physio-Graphy Karavali, the Coastal Plain Sahyadris, the Western Ghats, Malnad,the Transitional Belt, the Southern Plateau, the Northern Plateau, and the Eastern Ghats.

Greens Tropical Evergreen, Tropical Semi-evergreen, Dry Deciduous (Malnad) Deciduous (Plateau), Shrub

Major Crops

Ragi, Jowar, Rice, Sugarcane, Coconut,Groundnuts, Coffee and Cotton.

Major Minerals

Iron ore, Manganese, Maganesite, Gold Roads Total length of Roads- 1,22,489 kms

National Highways 2,357 kms | State Highways 28,311 kms | Major District roads 2,090 kms


Products Coffee, Silk, Sandalwood, Agarbathis, Carvings, Toys, Handicrafts


Industries Electronics, Computer, Garments, Aeronautics,Machine Tools, Electrical Engineering, Aluminiun, Steel

Shimoga (Shivamogga), Industrial Hub is leading Agro hub of the country. Bengaluru as the 2nd largest technology cluster in the world after Silicon Valley.