Choosing the KMS industrial and warehousing company in Shimoga, has many advantages. For one, our buildings don’t require permanent concrete foundations to establish secure footing. This means that they can be built faster and more affordably than many competing buildings that do need a footer. Warehouse roofing, just like warehouses, is often a forgotten matter. Most people don’t ever need to think about them in their lifetime, yet they rely on them to store some of their most important goods. This means we need warehouses that have solid roofs, allowing you to store your goods for years at a time and not worry about any spoilage. If you have a bad warehouse roof, you could be coming back to damaged goods and thousands of dollars of lost capital. Here are few options for your warehouse roof that won’t have you worrying about your goods.

Built-Up Roofing

The cheapest of your options, built-up roofing is the most common form of roofing. It has a few perks, but often it’s the cheap price tag which catches contractors’ eyes. The main benefit of a built-up roof is its insulating property. The roof is made up of a few layers of sealants and membranes, and finally most are finished off with gravel as the top layer. These layers are great at insulating, so if you live in a climate where there are large temperature differentials then this is important, but obviously this isn’t an issue in Florida. Another benefit of this roof type is its pleasing finish, gravel is much more pleasing to the eye than the black rubbers and plastics of other roofs, and the gravel is much more forgiving to foot traffic. The main problem is that these layers all add weight and that can mean that additional supports would be needed.

For more information about our warehouse roofing structures, contact KMS industrial and warehousing company today. We have many years of industry experience providing temporary clear span warehouse buildings for construction sites all over the Karnataka.

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