The industry has been taken to new heights because of a new method of doing business known as on-demand warehousing and fulfillment. Over the last few years, on-demand warehousing has been one of the major goals of online retailers to achieve success and get ahead of their competitors. What is on-demand warehousing and fulfillment? Keep reading to find out.

Now, on-demand warehousing resolves the issue of being tied to a lease. Companies generally need more warehouse space because of the seasonal changes of their inventory demands, product promotions, bulk buying, same/next day shipping demands, new products, end of year challenges, product recalls, and more. On-demand warehousing answers the need for more warehouse space, and extends its benefits to the fulfillment process. Companies that use this model have upgraded from tracking pallet shipments to facilitating the exchange of order fulfillment. Users of on-demand fulfillment can have someone else ship orders for them. This is a huge advantage for small and growing retailers, who are now able to compete against larger companies who have their own warehouse space.

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