They have great fire resistance hence one finds them in majority of industrial buildings. Low end metal roof lasts 20 years while some sheet materials can last up to 100 years. Most steel roofing come with a 50-year guarantee. There are high quality paint systems/coatings used on metal roofing to resist chalking and fading of their colors. Simultaneously, these paint systems help in shedding off the dirt and resist the growth of fungal matter leading to low maintenance too. In severe wind conditions, it has been found that metal roofs outlast other roofing products. Also, metal roofing is ideal in northern or mountainous regions since painted metals roofs help in shedding. With coatings of various colors and patterns, and availability in a number of profiles, metal roof offer extensive design flexibility to architects. There is no denying the strength of metal roof and they are amongst the lowest weight roofing products – a benefit in seismic areas and in retrofitting projects. This also reduces the load on the structure. Most metals can be recycled without losing any valuable properties leading to eco-friendliness. Aluminium and copper roofing products are generally available with 95% recyclable content. Installation and construction is easy and quick and in many cases metal roofing can be installed over existing roofs also, saving costly tear off. Metal roofs reflect heat effectively, thus minimize the heat of absorption leading to lowering of air conditioning costs.

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